L'Antoine the cheese Artiste, Alpage 12 month

12-month Swiss alpine cheese from L‘Antoine the Cheese-Artist

This alpine cheese, made from raw milk, is far more than just a simple raw milk cheese. It is a piece of history that dates back to the 17th century, as it is still manufactured on a wood fire in the Alps in the Bernese Oberland, based on the recipe of L‘Antoine, the Cheese-Artist.

Every bite unfolds a distinctive flavour of fresh-alpine herbs and flowers, along with a touch of a cosy wood fire. The pleasant flavour of this cheese makes it a special treat that goes perfectly with a variety of beverages, from light white and red wines to fresh beer or spring water and fruit juices. If you are looking for a special flavour experience, then you should absolutely try this alpine cheese!

Antoine der Käsekünstler Alpage 12 Monate
Antoine der Käsekünstler Alpage 12 Monate
Antoine der Käsekünstler Alpage 12 Monate
Antoine der Käsekünstler Alpage 12 Monate
Antoine der Käsekünstler Alpage 12 Monate
Antoine der Käsekünstler Alpage 12 Monate

L‘Antoine the Cheese-Artist in Chebetô

When the neighbouring Chebetô, today‘s Simmental, heard that a gifted cheese artist in the Gruyère had come to fame, a delegation was sent there. This led to a collaboration: Antoine imparted his recipes to the cheesemakers in the Simmental, and in return, they sold him their best cheeses. 

When Antoine enquired in the Simmental the following summer how the cheeses from last year were, the cheesemakers described it as excellent flavour, but full of cracks and holes. Antoine taught them the most important cleaning practices because he wanted to produce hard, resistant cheeses. He showed the astonished Simmental shepherds every step. They were taught to control the rennet, regulate the temperatures, cut the curd correctly and adhere to the timings exactly. The cheeses were, as hoped, compact and robust. To give them more flavour, Antoine left the cheeses in the salt bath for almost a week.

These cheeses are still produced today on a wood fire, according to Antoine‘s recipes in the Simmental and throughout the Bernese Oberland. We offer two of these extraordinary fruity
cheeses: 12-month-old alpine cheese and 36-month-old alpine-old alpine cheese.

Region Swiss Plateau
Type Hard cheese
  • Round 20 - 35 x 7 cm, 5 - 12 kg
Milk Raw milk from cow
Rind Smeared, dry, light-brown
Texture Yellow white, sometimes small holes
Taste Floral, aromatique complexe
Ingredients Lait de vache, natural starter cultures, rennet, salt
Affinage 10 - 14 Month
Rennet animal

Physical composition

per 100 gram

Energy 430 kcal
Dry matter 65
Protein 30
Water 35
Fat in dry matter ≥45 %
Fat in total 26
Saturated fatty acids 18 g
Trans fat 1
Salt 1.5

Microbiological analysis

Coliform < 10 / g
E coli < 10 / g
Staph. (coagualase positive) < 100 / g
Salmonella none in / 25 g
Listeria none in / 25 g
Mould < 1000 / g
Antioxidants none
Antibiotics and hormones none


The product contains no allergens except for milk and milk derivatives.

Lactose free (less than 0.1 g / 100g)


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