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Do you prefer to work like this? Command - Execute - Control, then you are in the wrong place.

Just as with our cheeses and services, we are only satisfied with the best employees. With us, you are responsible for your area and manage it independently. I and your supervisor are your coaches with the goal that you become better, than me I and your direct coach.

The quality of our cheese and service must always be world-class, we will never settle for anything less. If we promise something, we keep it, and it does not matter what additional services we must provide to keep the promise. Our offer is exclusive, commodities can be done cheaper by others.

Can you identify with this philosophy of quality, reliability, and exclusivity? If so, are you enthusiastic about cheese? And do you want to work independently and on your own responsibility in a small team? Then we should get to know each other.

With me you will

  • work for the provider of the most exclusive Swiss premium cheeses. Cheeses that have won more awards than Switzerland has mountains,
  • work with the specialist for Swiss cheese,
  • will have intensive on-the-job training and
  • work with the best cheesemakers and importers.
Interested? Questions?

Contact us

Walo von Mühlenen AG
Postfach 295
3186 Düdingen
E-Mail: hc.olawrueniffa@ofni