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Käse Importeure

Trust is the foundations of any business. With me, you have the best expert for Swiss cheese as your partner and can be confident that your offer is unique, exclusive, and outstanding.

Quality, reliability, exclusivity, is the basis for our cooperation with importers and distributors. Studies have shown that the food trade relies on the specialists in the market to build up a speciality range. With me

  • you are the sole supplier of the most exclusive Swiss premium cheeses in your area. Cheeses that have won more awards than Switzerland has mountains.
  • Have access to decades of experience and 150 years of family history.
  • Have you and your staff receive intensive on-site and on-line training.
  • Have access to my marketing and sales concept for importers
  • Can you offer selected food retailers to develop cheese exclusively for them.
  • Can you offer your customers to optimise the entire Swiss cheese range.
  • Can you optimise your existing Swiss cheese suppliers?
  • Benefit from my large network of cheese specialists around the world.
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Walo von Mühlenen AG
Postfach 295
3186 Düdingen
E-Mail: hc.olawrueniffa@ofni