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Our actions are based on our values, our mission, and our vision

Quality, exclusivity, reliability, honesty.
Wenn das Bewusstsein für Qualität und gesunder Ernährung die Welt ein Stück besser macht. Ein Bild von Bruno Röder


Quality, exclusivity, reliability, honesty.


To create sustainable added value for our partners.


We improve the world, with natural cheese.

The cheese becomes perfect when the animals and our partners are happy. This joy of life transfers to all people and makes the world a better place.


With the added values we create, our partners can realise their visions.


Partners are all those who connect with us and understand and support our values, mission, and vision.

Our partners are: suppliers and their vendors, our external and internal collaborators, our funders, our distributors, customers, consumers and so on.


As much as necessary, no more.

The value of our organisation is not measured by infrastructure. Our offices, factories, basements, trucks and so on only serve the purpose of supporting our values, mission, networks, and vision.

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Walo von Mühlenen AG
Postfach 295
3186 Düdingen
E-Mail: hc.olawrueniffa@ofni