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Win the trust of your customers with my brand!

What is better than a recommendation?

A recommendation from the world champion. Conclude a licence agreement with me and I will sell your products for you with my recommendation.

This can be a wine we develop together, a perfect raclette oven, a cheese shop, an on-line shop, a pizza, a lasagne, a restaurant and so on.

You think that is too expensive? I guarantee you it is cheaper than continuing to work without my recommendation. You do not believe me; I even give you a guarantee of success.

Thanks to the licence agreement, you have fantastic opportunities and advantages:

  • You can advertise your offer with my brand.
  • I promote your offer on social media, internet and print if necessary.
  • You are protected from competition.
  • You receive training from us to position your offer optimally and to standardise sales.
  • We have developed a concept with which you can produce mozzarella with buffalo milk in any country at low cost. We provide you with the machines, the know-how and the recipe.
  • You can advertise your finished dish with a world champion ingredient and say goodbye to price wars for good.
Interested? Questions?

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Walo von Mühlenen AG
Postfach 295
3186 Düdingen
E-Mail: hc.olawrueniffa@ofni