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Duties Booklet Flower Meadow Cheese

Not all cheeses made with raw milk are flower meadow cheeses.
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Definition: Cheese made with untreated raw milk.

Permitted milk treatments:

Hard cheese:

- Skimming of the milk by means of a centrifuge or skimming.

Semi-hard cheese

- Heating of a part of the milk to max. 66° for max. 15s.

- Skimming of the milk, by means of centrifuge or skimming.

Not allowed milk treatments:

- Micro or ultafiltration

- Bactofugation (centrifugal sterilisation)

- Heating the milk to 72° or higher for 15 seconds (pasteurisation).

- Heating of the whole milk to above 40° before manufacture.

Permitted feeding:

- Fresh grass

- Hay

- Dry concentrated feed

- Not allowed feeding:

- Silage feeding

- Feeding with wet concentrate

Permitted ingridients:

- Milk, rennet, natural starter cultures, salt.

- Water can be added to the milk or used to wash the curd.

Not permitted means of production:

- Preservatives

- colouring agents

- genetically modified rennet

- genetically modified starter culture

- Melting salt


Varieties of Affineur Walo that belong to it 

  • Red Nose Gold label
  • Red wine Farmer cheese 
  • Jura mountain cheese 
  • Comte Antoine 
  • Creamy Thurgau Lion Cheese 
  • Gallus
  • Stärnächäs
  • Le Gruyere AOP 
  • Emmentaler AOP 

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