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Cheese counter

Become a specialist for Swiss cheese!
Trust is the foundations of any business. With me, you have the best expert for Swiss cheese as your partner and can be confident that your offer is unique, exclusive, and outstanding.

My cheese specialities are ideal for the cheese counter. With me and my world champion cheeses, I promise you will become a specialist in Swiss cheese, and you will be able to:

  • Inspire them with the stories and awards of my World Champion cheeses. For all my cheeses, you will receive a short story from me about their creation, their origin and, of course, their awards.
  • Optimal advice. I and my distribution partners will present our cheeses and their stories to you on site and/or on-line.
  • Offer a varied assortment. I will draw up a plan with you for the seasonal offers. Please bear in mind that our cheeses are matured for an exceptionally long time. Accordingly, we need a long lead time for such offers.
  • Optimise your offer, together with my distribution partners, I offer optimisation proposals on site.
  • Answering your questions about the optimal Swiss cheese assortment, questions like:
    • Which are the big brands you should carry.
    • Which cheeses are superfluous duplicates.
    • With which cheese specialities can you round off your range.
Interested? Questions?

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E-Mail: hc.olawrueniffa@ofni