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Swiss cheese, a winning model?

Schweizer Käseexport 2010 -2023
Käseexport 14-4-23
Käseexport 14-4-23

Exports as of February 2023 were catastrophic. Especially the big varieties like Appenzeller, Emmentaler, Gruyere lost massively. Most of them have reacted and reduced production accordingly. 

Milk production increased slightly by 1%. 

Comment on 2012 - 2022, Not all Swiss cheeses are successful in export!

The losers:

  • Cheeses that are backed by strong market organisations with controlled quantities and prices (Gruyere, Emmentaler, Appenzeller) stagnate or lose.
  • Cheeses that primarily benefit from advertising subsidies (see above) lose or stagnate.

The winners:

  • Cheeses that are not held back by a strong market organisation: (Flower meadow cheese, other hard cheeses, other semi-hard cheeses, Raclette, Switzerland Swiss) are growing above average, although they are disadvantaged in terms of advertising subsidies.

To the headlines:

  • The fact that Gruyere is not registered as a brand in the USA has not hurt sales. In Europe, Le Gruyere is protected and stagnating.
  • How far the decline of Appenzeller is due to the fact that only the marketing comes from Appenzell, I cannot answer.


For the trade and the cheese counter:

For politics

  • Swiss cheese needs an agreement with the EU.
  • It is time to rethink market organisations and advertising subsidies.
  • Milk powder and protein powder ist not a success strory

For the market organisations:

  • The biggest success has not the one with the most expensive trademark lawyer.





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