Affineur Walo von Mühlenen at the Anuga, Cologne, 5 – 9. October 2013

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Affineur Walo von Mühlenen at the Anuga, Cologne, 5 – 9. October 2013

As in previous years Affineur Walo von Mühlenen will be present at the ANUGA again this year. We are sharing a stand with Dicke in the Mopro Hall 10.1. (Stand B 18) and will present our renowned specialist and world champion cheeses.

The Walo von Mühlenen affineur family works in four areas:

1.      - Swiss cheese, we offer the full range of Emmental cheeses, Tete de Moine to Swiss Raclette.

2.      - The Affineur Walo brand under which, we sell top featured award-winning cheeses.

3.      - Cheese from Europe, we also sell a variety of cheeses from Europe (Ireland, France, Germany, etc.)

4.      - Cheese and milk products for industry (low-fat cheese, Cheddar cheese, milk powder, milk protein, whey proteins, etc.)

The specialities from Affineur Walo will feature at the ANUGA .

In addition to the current Christmas range with 8 different varieties of raclette, an original Freiburg 50/50 fondue and a soft melting Fribourg Vacherin, our award winning cheeses will be there to be admired and tasted.

The star of our product range is the red wine Bärgler, this mountain cheese is carefully ripened for 12 months with red wine. A multiple award-winning cheese, it has captured counter space in a very short time.

The classic product in our range is Le Gruyere Switzerland AOP, a 14 month cellar ripened cheese from Affineur Walo which is especially made from milk produced at high altitudes and is then aged to perfection in natural cellars. There are many types of Gruyere but only one which comes from the world champion Affineur Walo.

A new cheese with a great future is the Jura mountain cheese, a hard 12 month ripened cheese made exclusively in the Swiss Jura from pure cow’s milk. The herbs on the Jura plateau, which is mostly located above 1000 m, give this cheese its distinctive, natural, aromatic flavour.

Stärne, an extra-spicy cheese, the jewel that is produced at the foot of the Säntis. The success of this 8 month ripened cheese is overwhelming, but quite understandable once one has tried it. It is strong but nevertheless creamy and aromatic. A solid and reliable entity on any counter.

Gallus this 8 months ripened hard cheese from the canton of St. Gallen melts on the tongue. A fantastic cheese, that connects to the very long tradition of cheese making in St. Gallen.

Le Poya from the canton of Fribourg, an 8 month ripened cream cheese. It is creamy, spicy, aromatic and unique; a true Fribourg.


L'Armalli de la Gruyere, interprets the Gruyère alpine herdsman and dairyman’s craft, as the name says, a rustic cheese from Gruyere. This creamy cheese melts in your mouth; you have to have tried it.

The history of the von Mühlenen family has been closely connected with Swiss cheese for nearly 200 years. We have always had the goal of affining only the best cheese and our efforts are regularly rewarded with awards at international competitions. The von Mühlenen family has been crowned World Champion a total of 6 times.