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The story of my most important employee.

Kuh auf einer Alpweide in der Schweiz

This week a customer called me and complained that the last Red Nose Gold Label has a strong yellow tint, in the past the cheese was almost white. 

The last cheeses were winter 20 productions and now we have summer 20 productions on sale. In winter we feed the cow hay and in summer green grass and coloured flowers.These differences in colour are found in the milk and in the cheese. 

Every herb, every flower that the cow finds has an influence on the cheese and so the cheese is a little different every day. A unique one!  

This is only the case if the milk is not treated before the cheese is made. Only with natural raw milk does the magic of the herbs and flowers remain. 

Turning herbs and flowers into milk without losing their magic is something that only my most important employee, the absolute expert, can do.