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Price rally in dairy products? Market report from 13.10.23

Market Report-13-10-23, Marktbericht 13-10-23

Skimmed milk powder, spot milk price, protein concentrates rising, cheese slightly rising, milk fat falling.

Market Report-13-10-23, Marktbericht 13-10-23

After the price of fresh cream rose sharply in recent weeks, a slight correction took place. It is worth mentioning that protein concentrates (casein) have increased slightly for the first time after a 12-month decline from over € 13,000 to € 5000.

A slight weakening can be seen in feeding costs.

And in Switzerland?

Cheese exports are still at a low level and some adventurous prices were quoted at ANUGA and the Christmas business does not really want to get going in exports. In principle, everyone is hoping that milk prices will drop next year, and that Swiss cheese will become more competitive again.

To the question: Price rally for dairy products?

No clear trend was visible at ANUGA. Sellers and buyers played poker for 5 days and the cards were not shown. Everyone is waiting for the right hand.

Our forecast for Q4:

The geo-political situation has become even worse with the new war in Israel. In addition, the economic problems in China and Europe are far from being solved, all these are not good preconditions for a healthy demand, and we stick to our forecast that prices will fall towards the end of the year.

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Kind regards, Affineur Walo