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Dairy market about to crash? Market report from 27.10.23

Fri, 10/27/2023 - 18:11
Market Report-27-10-23, Marktbericht 27-10-23

Milk fat rising: cheese, protein concentrates, spot milk price, feeding costs slightly rising, skimmed milk powder slightly falling.


Market Report-27-10-23, Marktbericht  27-10-23

Milk powder falling and feeding costs rising, are these the first signs that the war is making itself felt in the milk market? Many contracts for Q1 have already been made, but there are still many sellers on the market, will they lower prices?

Many questions at the moment, but no clear answers yet.

And in Switzerland?

Switzerland has voted - the media are talking about a slide to the right, but actually it is a slide to the centre. The real election winners are the farmers, who were able to increase their representation in parliament. It is to be hoped that skimmed milk powder producers and cheese can profit from this situation.

To the question: Milk market about to crash?

Prices for dairy products depend on the general economic situation and this is not exactly rosy now. We have a recession and a looming new debt crisis in Europe, a downturn in the USA, economic problems in China and several wars. These are good buying opportunities for long-term investors, but in the short term, prices will go down, including milk prices.

Our forecast for Q1:

Closed contracts for Q1 are at the same level as Q4. There are still many sellers on the market, and we expect prices to fall at the end of Q4 and Q1.

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Kind regards, Affineur Walo