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Raclette with Ingredients: pepper, paprika, chilli, garlic, bacon Variety is a taste

emi-hard cheese affinated for 4 months, mildly spicy, with a special flavour note depending on the ingredient. Specially matured in moist and warm cellars, with natural rind.

Ideal for raclette and warm cuisine but also as a light dessert cheese.

Why not create a cheese where every bite tastes different? Just as not every day repeats itself, we don’t want to eat the same thing for an entire evening. Variety is flavour – and this raclette captures it perfectly.

Raclette mit Zutaten: Pfeffer, Paprika, Chilli, Knoblauch, Speck
Raclette mit Zutaten: Pfeffer, Paprika, Chilli, Knoblauch, Speck

Every bite is different

I had created the Red Wine Raclette, found a perfect Natural Raclette … surely that was enough, the world didn’t need more? But my customers didn’t give in and persuaded me to create raclettes with ingredients. So I had to try many raclette cheeses again.

Just before I was about to stop, I spoke to the cheesemaker who makes the Natural Raclette and he said he would like to try working with other ingredients.

This was worth a try. We tried crushed pepper (usually whole peppercorns are used but the crushed ones give a more subtle flavour), bacon, garlic, red pepper and chilli.

We let this cheese mature in the warm and humid cellar for as long as my natural raclette and after 4 months we actually had a perfect raclette. Each piece is unique. Each piece tastes different.

Raclette with ingredients from Affineur Walo was born.

Region Switzerland
Type Semi-hard cheese
  • 6 - 7 kg 30 x 30 cm square or round, washed and vacuumed before shipping
Milk Cow's milk
Rind smeared, dry, light brown
Texture yellow, small holes possible
Taste mature, medium strong
Ingredients milk, salt, rennet, natural starter cultures
Affinage 4 Month
Rennet animal

Physical composition

per 100 gram

Energy 368 kcal
Dry matter 59 g
Protein 24 g
Water 41 g
Fat in dry matter ≥45 %
Fat in total 26 g
Saturated fatty acids 17 g
Trans fat 1 g
Salt 2 g

Microbiological analysis

Coliform < 10 / g
E coli < 10 / g
Staph. (coagualase positive) < 100 / g
Salmonella none in / 25 g
Listeria none in / 25 g
Mould < 1000 / g
Antioxidants none
Antibiotics and hormones none


The product contains no allergens except for milk and milk derivatives.

Lactose free (less than 0.1 g / 100g)


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