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Jura Mountain Cheese Patience is a taste

A delicate hard cheese, 12 months affinated. Strong, spicy, tender melting, from the mountains in the Swiss Jura. Velvety yet strong, with a lovely creamy texture and a unique character.

Ideal as a dessert cheese or for warm cuisine.

How does time taste? Thanks to this cheese, we know that patience is a taste.

Awards (4)

International Cheese Awards Nantwich Silver
Nantwich International Cheese Show 2019: Silver certificate
World Cheese Awards - Super Gold
World Cheese Award 2019: Super Gold certificate
World Cheese Awards - Gold
World Cheese Award 2015: Gold certificate
World Cheese Awards - Bronze certificate
World Cheese Award 2013: Bronze certificate
Jura Bergkäse
Jura Bergkäse
Jura Bergkäse
Jura Bergkäse



The magic in waiting is palpable

Jura Mountain Cheese is not eaten out of boredom, but to appreciate that everything has its time.

There is time for the perfect conversation, for the perfect evening, for the perfect moment. But only the patient can experience it, just as only the patient can enjoy the magic of this mountain cheese.

And it does exist: the perfect mountain cheese.

It is difficult to produce real mountain cheese in Switzerland. The milk and production have to be in government-designated areas and then you have to go through a certification process.

I would like to present a selection of these wonderful cheeses, but they are in great demand and are sold far too young. And it is the age that makes a cheese a mountain cheese; a young cheese has not yet developed its full character and so does not fit into my range.

I started looking, but where should I start? We have so many mountains and so much choice. But I couldn’t find a cheese that I fell in love with.

By chance, I stopped at a cheese dairy in the Swiss Jura. They produced fantastic mountain cheese, but again, the cheese was not given time to mature.

So I had to find an affinage cellar to mature the cheese. After a long and intensive search, I found the ideal cellar, not too cold and damp. I put a few loaves in it and waited for 12 long months.

The result was overwhelming, a fantastic cheese. The Affineur Walo Jura Mountain Cheese was born. Now I was convinced. Patience pays off – and you can taste it.

Auszeichnungen (4)

International Cheese Awards Nantwich Silver
Jura Bergkäse: 2019 Nantwich International Cheese Show-Silver certificate
World Cheese Awards - Super Gold
Jura Bergkäse: 2019 World Cheese Award-Super Gold certificate
World Cheese Awards - Gold
Jura Bergkäse: 2015 World Cheese Award-Gold certificate
World Cheese Awards - Bronze certificate
Jura Bergkäse: 2013 World Cheese Award-Bronze certificate
Region Western Switzerland
Type Hard cheese
  • round wheels 30 cm, 7 kg
Milk Raw milk from cow
Rind smeared, dry, dark brown - brown
Texture yellow-white, sometimes small holes, smooth, flexible
Taste strong-mature and creamy with a hint of sweetness
Ingredients milk, salt, rennet, natural starter cultures
Affinage 12 Month
Rennet animal

Physical composition

per 100 gram

Energy 384 kcal
Dry matter 64 g
Protein 24 g
Water 36 g
Fat in dry matter ≥48 %
Fat in total 32 g
Saturated fatty acids 19 g
Trans fat 1,4 g
Salt 1,5 g

Microbiological analysis

Coliform < 10 / g
E coli < 10 / g
Staph. (coagualase positive) < 100 / g
Salmonella none in / 25 g
Listeria none in / 25 g
Mould < 1000 / g
Antioxidants none
Antibiotics and hormones none


The product contains no allergens except for milk and milk derivatives.

Lactose free (less than 0.1 g / 100g)


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