Emmentaler AOP extra 14 month matured

Hard cheese matured for 14 months in a humid cave, strong and spicy with the characteristic sweetish nutty flavour.

Ideal as a dessert cheese with a complex white or red wine.

Awards (1)

World Cheese Awards - Super Gold
World Cheese Award 2017: Super Gold certificate
Emmentaler Switzerland AOP extra 14 Monate Gereift
Emmentaler Switzerland AOP extra 14 Monate Gereift

The Emmentaler is overly complex and subtle in taste and it’s difficult to explain this to the consumer. And I decided not to offer any Emmental.

But customers kept on asking me and finally I decided to create a special Emmentaler. An Emmentaler in the great tradition of raw milk cheese, with the nutty, mild taste matured in a humid cellar. This Emmentaler must come from the canton of Bern and I started looking, but I could not find any cheese that met my expectations.
Shortly before I gave up, I found a dairy that produced an unbelievably beautiful and perfect Emmentaler AOP.

Now I had to find a cellar in the canton of Bern, it should be a humid and relatively warm cellar. After a long search I found the ideal cellar and after 14 months the cheese was perfect. A real Emmentaler AOP with a dark rind, strong and extraordinarily complex in taste. It has the flavour of a mountain cheese with the typical nutty sweetness of the Emmentaler.

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World Cheese Awards - Super Gold
Emmentaler Switzerland AOP extra 14 Monate Gereift: 2017 World Cheese Award-Super Gold certificate
Region Swiss Plateau
Type Hard cheese
  • round about 90 cm, 100 kg
Milk Raw milk from cow
Rind dry, dark brown - brown
Texture yellow-white, Holes 1 – 2 cm, smooth, flexible
Taste complex
Ingredients milk, salt, rennet, natural starter cultures
Affinage 14 - 16 Month
Rennet vegetarian or animal

Physical composition

per 100 gram

Energy 390 kcal
Dry matter 65 g
Protein 26 g
Water 35 g
Fat in dry matter ≥48 %
Fat in total 30 g
Saturated fatty acids 19 g
Trans fat 1,4 g
Salt 0.9 g

Microbiological analysis

Coliform < 10 / g
E coli < 10 / g
Staph. (coagualase positive) < 100 / g
Salmonella none in / 25 g
Listeria none in / 25 g
Mould < 1000 / g
Antioxidants none
Antibiotics and hormones none


The product contains no allergens except for milk and milk derivatives.

Lactose free (less than 0.1 g / 100g)


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