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Cagliata low fat, Walo for more yield

Hard cheese, foil-ripened for 10 - 20 days, fat-reduced 15% FIT.

Ideal for the production of mozzarella and pasta filata cheese.

Cagliata Walo: Käse für Industrie und Küche
Cagliata Walo: Käse für Industrie und Küche
Cagliata Walo, Fabiola
Cagliata Walo
cagliata Walo, for maximum yield

I kept hearing that large quantities of cheese are sold as cagliata or cheese curd to be transformed into mozzarella and pasta filata cheese. Another mass market that did not follow my philosophy of quality, reliability, and exclusivity and I was not at all interested.

But then I met an Italian mozzarella producer and he explained me how difficult it is to get the right cagliata. I started to study this production and tried to understand the difficulties of the mozzarella manufacturers there are many problems but the main 3 are.

  1. Many manufacturers had problems to melt the cagliata,
  2. the mozzarella turned brown on the pizza and
  3. most of the manufacturers had an excess of fat.

Now my job was easy I just had to make a cagliata low in fat, easy to melt and not getting brown on the pizza. I started to develop special starter cultures and recipe and after may tries, the perfect Cagliata Walo was born.

Cagliata Walo can easily be mixed with other cagliata, with butter, cream, or vegetable oil. The result is always a perfectly fresh mozzarella that does not turn brown.

Region Switzerland
Type Hard cheese
  • 6 - 7 kg cm square or round (30 cm diameter or 30 x 30 cm, h 7 – 8
  • 15 kg 30 x 60 x 10 cm
  • 20 kg 35 x 35 x 15 cm
  • vacuumed on pallets of 700 kg – 1000 kg
Milk Cow's milk
Rind rindless
Texture yellow, occasionally some holes, hard
Taste mature, mild
Ingredients milk, salt, rennet, natural starter cultures
Affinage 1 - 3 Month
Rennet microbiell

Physical composition

per 100 gram

Energy 270 kcal
Dry matter 51 - 53 g (Target 52 g)
Protein 37 – 41 g (Target 39 g)
Water 47- 49 g
Fat in dry matter ≥15 %
Fat in total 8 – 10 g
Saturated fatty acids 19 g
Trans fat 0.5 - 1 g
Salt 1.0 – 1,5 g

Microbiological analysis

Coliform < 10 / g
E coli < 10 / g
Staph. (coagualase positive) < 100 / g
Salmonella none in / 25 g
Listeria none in / 25 g
Mould < 1000 / g
Antioxidants none
Antibiotics and hormones none


The product contains no allergens except for milk and milk derivatives.

Lactose free (less than 0.1 g / 100g)


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